XDT telescopic aerial work platforms

XDT Fully telescopic work platforms

The XDT eXtra Duty Telescopic range has all the key features required from a perfect aerial work platform. Bronto+ outreach limitation system, telescopic cage boom, increased working load and compact design make the work at heights more efficient, safer and much easier.

This range also includes the special model S 50 XDT-J which has a unique three section super-jib offering an unrivalled up-and over reach of 16 meters at 33 meters height. It provides access to various challenging locations such as rooftops, vestibules, canopies, harbour walls and bridges.

These advanced features give added value in an increasingly competitive and diverse business environment:

  • Telescopic cage boom provides more up-and-over and below-ground reach
  • Re-engineered working cage with 90° rotation and hydraulic extension 
  • Outreach limitation and optimization system with variable jacking and cage load
  • Increased working load and lifting capability
  • Excellent height to weight ratio
  • Compact design ensuring better manoeuvrability in challenging environments