Bronto Skylift offers specially designed aerial work platforms for transmission and power line construction, maintenance, repair and cleaning tasks. The energy and resources sector includes critical machines and constructions which require regular inspections and swift corrective actions in cases of disturbances. Bronto units meet these needs with rapid deployment, excellent reaches, large working cages and flexible readiness for customized tools and accessories.

Insulated safety and efficiency

Our insulated aerial work platforms enable working live on energized transmission lines up to 765 kV. The configuration allows bare-hand maintenance of live lines or any other heavy repairs because of the high safe working load and the winch capacity. The unit is also capable of supporting the required workers, tools, and equipment load through the operating range of the unit while bringing the lineman into the work area.

The insulated work platforms include, for example, a boom leakage detector, an optional remote control system and a sharp edge corona ring providing a consistent voltage gradient along the length of the fiber-reinforced plastic boom (FRP).

All Bronto units can be one-side jacked with outriggers fully deployed on one side only. This enables set-up and operation in restricted and confined areas. The insulated units include a standard working cage with rotation of 60° left to 60° right. This means the operator can boom up to the overhead work area and rotate the working cage to be directly in front of it.

Our products also include several non-insulated Bronto units with a standard steel boom which provide unparalleled access to any overhead area. On larger models, the platform boom also telescopes for additional horizontal reach, enabling operation in congested and even below-ground areas. This also enhances safety and increases utilization potential, since one unit can cover a wider range of working areas from a single location.

Products for utility applications

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SI insulated work platforms
The SI range provides a safe, reliable and cost-effective way to reach energized overhead power lines. These units allow bare-hand maintenance of live lines as well as any kind of heavy repair due to the high safe working load and the winch capacity.