Aerial platforms for industrial use

Bronto Super Extinguishers are specially designed for the extreme needs of industrial fire brigades. The multipurpose SE range includes telescopic cage boom and the largest rescue cage available, with maximum safe load of up to 500 kilograms. It has superior height-to-weight ratio when compared to any other aerial platform on the market, thus enabling safe operations with increased horizontal outreach and extensive up-and-over reach.

F 44 RPXER-SE and other Super Extinguishers have a water discharge capacity of up to 13,000 l/min with water and foam tanks. The rugged versatility and dependable overall reliability make them an ideal choice for industrial environments such as refineries, industrial and chemical plants, and similar operations. The unit can also function efficiently as a maintenance platform or light tower.

Unmatched extinguishing capability

  • Fully-automatic foam system 
  • Wide-ranging water and foam throw
  • Fire pump capacity 10,000 l/min
  • Foam tank capacity 4500 liters, according to configuration
  • Hydraulically driven Bronto FoamPro high capacity foam system
  • Battery pump driven Bronto FoamPro, optional low capacity foam system
  • Foam mixing range of 0.1-10%
  • B-MIX: Water and foam system 10’’ main control graphic display
  • B-SET: Automatic water pressure administration with inlet pressure alarm
  • B-WRC: Wireless boom, monitor and foam system activation remote control option

Technical data

Max. rescue heightMax. rescue side outreachSafe rescue loadMax. up-and-over capacityMonitor in the rescue cage, capacityOptional monitor in the boom, capacityTotal water capacity approx.Rescue cage dimen-
Rescue cage slewingTransport height approx.Transport length approx.
44 m28 m500 kg10.5 m6,000 l/min6,000 l/min13,000 l/min1.15 m x 2.2 m50° / 50°3.8 m, according to configuration12 m, according to configuration