Maximize uptime



Bronto Compass is a flexible and versatile remote diagnostic system which enables accurate, real-time problem solving in difficult and unexpected situations. In case of a fault or malfunction, Bronto Skylift can support the operator and maintenance personnel by providing remote help for diagnosis, calibration and necessary adjustments of the platform.

All platform parts, system parameters and functions can be inspected online and also by using the history data of Bronto+ control system memory. With this convenience, faults and their causes can be rapidly identified, analyzed and corrected which helps limit downtime and reduce unnecessary costs.


Partnership with Bronto Skylift ensures that your operational performance is backed up by our qualified inspectors and technicians according to our mutual agreements and your national regulations. An active preventive maintenance plan helps to evaluate potential risks and take the necessary corrective actions before a problem occurs. Regular service visits also increase our knowledge of your individual needs and help us to identify areas and opportunities to improve the reliability, efficiency and safety of your equipment and the safety of personnel.


Bronto Doctor Services is an inspection concept which helps in securing your equipment investments with a proactive approach. It enables you to improve the predictability of maintenance needs, to minimize lifecycle maintenance costs and to maximize the retail value of the equipment. The appropriate service content can be chosen from three different levels:

  • Plan A
    • Reading and analysis of control system’s fault codes and reporting of the results
    • Operation can take place remotely via Compass or at the Bronto Service Center
  • Plan B
    • The content of Plan A
    • Preliminary survey of, for example, reach monitoring, limit switches, hydraulic system and mechanic structures
    • A detailed report and a repair works tender
  • Plan C
    • The contents of Plan A and Plan B
    • The condition inspection including, for example, hydraulic oil analysis, reach monitor system measurements, cylinder seal testing, paint surface check, retail price estimate
    • A detailed report and a repair works tender
    • Repair guarantee of 6 months.



Bronto Skylift provides you repair services by qualified and committed professionals. Active correcting of identified faults improves not only safety and reliability, but also the long-term cost-efficiency.

The repairs are carried out under planned schedules, following manufactures scheduled periodical maintenance instructions. Our technicians document all the component faults found during inspections and make recommendations for corrective actions to be made during the next planned repair. In the case of surprise faults, we are available for your emergency repairs.

SKYLIFTFLEET.COM is a comprehensive remote support and optimization system and maintenance management database for your changing needs. It enables optimization of not only the performance of a single Bronto unit, but also can facilitate the efficient and productive use of your whole vehicle fleet.

The system collects and stores all detailed history data of your Bronto unit’s operations and maintenance, functions, energy use and other important system parameters. It allows for various remote inspection activities, calibration and adjustment operations and monitoring of the unit for predictive maintenance purposes.

Some benefits of

  • Follow-up of units operating rate and uptime
  • Optimization of unit response and movement by use of unit locator map
  • Optimization of units’ application usage – getting the full potential of every unit 
  • Real-time user and maintenance instructions and safety reports for optimized performance
  • Tracking system of maintenance actions plus database for all maintenance related documents
  • Comprehensive support for a single unit and also for your wider operational strategy


The fully-equipped Bronto Mobile Clinic is a cost-effective and flexible solution for on-site repairs. It enables us to maintain and repair all Bronto vehicles worldwide, even in places where standard service premises are not available. Our Mobile Clinic workshop is a standard twenty-foot container for all modes of transportation (rail, ship, and truck). The interior has been divided by a soundproof wall into two different parts: The workshop and machinery sides. The Mobile Clinic workshop contains generator, air compressor, pressure washer, oil cleaning and pumping unit, welding tools and, of course, all necessary hand tools to carry out efficient service.


When aiming to stay at the top of reliability and performance, you must maintain quality in every detail. Bronto Skylift’s fast and reliable spare parts service keeps you equipped with all necessary components throughout your vehicle’s lifecycle. When buying a new Bronto product, you can trust that its spare parts are available for at least the next 25 years.

Our spare parts deliveries may include, for example, our own engineering parts, customized Bronto OEM parts or various consumables from a large selection. You can also ask us for the availability of certain reconditioned or factory repaired parts, such as processors and sensors.