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A proper training program ensures safe operation of equipment and that operators fully learn the aerial platform features and appropriate use. This improves operational efficiency, safeguards operators and reduces the chance of extra maintenance costs from incorrect usage.

The equipment depends on the operators, and so Bronto Skylift helps you to make the most of your equipment by sharing our expertise and knowledge via thorough training and consultation options. Depending on the training content, the courses can be organized at your own premises or at the Bronto Academy. Our own training center is situated in Tampere, Finland, and approved by the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF).


BSOL training meets the same legal criteria as the IPAF safety training, but it is customized to be catered specifically to Bronto equipment. The two-day course includes safety training, aerial platform operation training and expert tips for real-life scenarios. The Bronto Skylift Operator License is issued for the operators who successfully complete a training course.


We also organize The International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) operator safety courses as an authorized trainer. All trainees who pass the IPAF training and tests will be granted a Powered Access License (PAL).


Product training is offered in various different courses which advance from the basics to higher levels of expertise. The basic level familiarizes new employees to Bronto Skylift’s world and introduces different unit types. More detailed content includes Bronto+ control systems, GCS and HDT control systems, calibration and Compass remote monitoring.


Service training includes the similar themes as the product training courses, but brings in more information and further practical applications. The main contents are general maintenance training, software loading training and advanced studies training.


Bronto’s aerial training simulator offers an interesting and engaging way to get virtually hands-on in maneuvering and controlling a Bronto aerial platform. The application includes a complete Bronto+ control system and panels with authentic movements and functions. Customized tracks and targets are also available as an option for highest rescue readiness.


The target with expert service training is to learn how to conduct broader annual inspections to the computerized units. At least six months of experience in inspecting Bronto’s units is a pre-requisite for getting the most out of this training.


Optimizing performance in different environments and conditions may also require some client-specific operating methods. By focusing on your specified needs, we are able to design a customized training package and help you to overcome the typical operating challenges that you experience. A training course may include, for example, regional firefighting techniques and the best methods to enhance them by using an aerial platform.


As Bronto Skylift’s partner, you can always use our expertise to solve any problems or to improve the reliability or performance of your equipment. We provide you technical consultation if you want to, for example, change the chassis of your Bronto unit or add new features to it. Our technical and operational knowledge also helps you with larger issues that are not within the limits of the standard product support.


With Bronto Service agreement, you can be assured that your Bronto equipment is kept in the best possible shape for its entire lifecycle. The content of our mutual agreement is fully customized according to your needs and wishes. This covers the annual inspections and service visits, but it can also be expanded to include other services such as more detailed inspections, other maintenance activities, and spare parts.