Finally, the real, rugged Bronto work machine is available in a smaller package. The S35EM is all about the ease of use and increased effortlessness it brings to worksites. It has all the elements of a true work machine, yet it’s light and compact enough to be easy to manoeuvre and operate.


  • Working height 35 meters
  • Working outreach over 29 meters
  • Cage load 500 kg, width 2,04 meters, in addition two optional cage solutions
  • Typical GVW <18 t
  • Variable jacking and remote control for outriggers
  • Bronto 5+ control system


  • Cost effective and compact
  • Quick to deploy
  • Self-drive
  • Cage can be lowered to the ground level
  • Easy, safe and stable to operate

optional equipment

  • Wide cage: load 450kg, width 2,4 meters
  • Extendable cage: load 350kg, width up to 3,4 meters
  • Electricity in the cage
  • Hydraulics in the cage
  • Hydraulic material winch in the cage, max. load 150kg
  • Multipurpose bracket in front of the cage
  • Detachable operator protection
  • Material locker on the decking
  • Ultrasonic collision guard

When buying a new Bronto unit, you can trust that its spare parts are available for at least the next 25 years. Our professional customer service and local support centres make sure your platform is always backed-up and the advanced remote support tools bring our professionals to your worksites. Read more of our service and training.