RPX aerial hydraulic platforms

Aerial ladder platforms for working heights from 32 to 70 meters

RPX models represent the most advanced features of today’s modern aerial platforms. They include all the features of the RLX range but without the ladder.

A telescopic cage boom

  • Greater up-and-over reach and more below-ground reach 
  • The best outreach on the market – a larger action area with one set-up

The biggest rescue cage available

  • Enough space for efficient work and movements 
  • Stretcher and wheelchair inside the rescue cage

The highest safe working load (SWL) in the industry

  • Increased rescue capacity for carrying heavier loads and more people

Compact design and the best height-to-weight ratio on the market

  • More economical, more manoeuvrable, lighter chassis
  • Higher reach with a more compact machine
  • Greater access to load-restricted roads and bridges

Technical data

 Max. rescue heightMax. rescue outreachSafe working loadMax. up-and- over capacityWater capacityTranspor-
tation height, approx.
tation length, approx.
Typical GVW
F 32 RPX32 m24 m500 kg9m3800 l/min3.4 m9.3 m18000 kg
F 34 RPX34 m24 m500 kg10.5 m3800 l/min3.5 m9.3 m18000 kg
F 37 RPX37 m25 m500 kg10.5 m3800 l/min3.6 m9.9 m18000 kg
F 44 RPX44 m24 m500 kg9m3800 l/min3.6 m9.95 m19000 kg
F 46 RPX46 m24 m500 kg10.5 m3800 l/min3.6 m9.95 m19000 kg
F 52 RPX52 m31 m500 kg11 m3800 l/min3.6 m11.8 m26000 kg
F 53 RPX53 m30.5 m500 kg9m3800 l/min3.9 m11 m32000 kg
F 55 RPX55 m31 m500 kg10.5 m3800 l/min3.9 m11 m32000 kg
F 61 RPX61 m33 m500 kg11 m3800 l/min3.9 m12 m33000 kg
F 70 RPX70 m33 m500 kg11 m3800 l/min3.95 m12.45 m35000 kg