RLX aerial, hydraulic platforms

Aerial ladder platforms for working heights from 32 to 55 meters

RLX range includes all the features that have made Bronto’s aerial ladder platforms a trusted and well-known choice – and several new innovations. Conventional RLX units are equipped with a rescue cage and a ladder, but its additional features give more versatility in the challenging environment of rescue and fire fighting.

A telescopic cage boom

  • Greater up-and-over reach and more below-ground reach 
  • The best outreach on the market – a larger action area with one set-up

The biggest rescue cage available

  • Enough space for efficient work and movements 
  • Stretcher and wheelchair inside the rescue cage

The highest safe working load (SWL) in the industry

  • Increased rescue capacity for carrying heavier loads and more people

Compact design and the best height-to-weight ratio on the market

  • More economical, more manoeuvrable, lighter chassis
  • Higher reach with a more compact machine
  • Greater access to load-restricted roads and bridges

Technical data

Safe working loadMax.
Water capacityTranspor-
tation height, approx.
tation length, approx.
Typical GVW
F 32 RLX32 m23 m500 kg9 m3800 l/min3.4 m9.3 m18000 kg
F 34 RLX34 m23.5 m500 kg10.5 m3800 l/min3.5 m9.3 m18000 kg
F 37 RLX37 m24 m500 kg10.5 m3800 l/min3.6 m9.9 m18000 kg
F 42 RLX42 m22.5 m500 kg9 m3800 l/min3.7 m9,.5 m19000 kg
F 44 RLX44 m23 m500 kg10.5 m3800 l/min3.6 m9.95 m19000 kg
F 53 RLX53 m30 m500 kg9 m3800 l/min3.9 m11 m32000 kg
F 55 RLX55 m30.5 m500 kg10.5 m3800 l/min3.9 m11 m32000 kg