Fire backgroud
XR aerial platforms
XR aerial hydraulic platform
The FL45XR and FL60XR provide municipal fire brigades with versatile usability and effective outreach. With its 26.5-meter outreach, the FL45XR represents the best performance of the 40+ meter units available. Additionally, the FL60XR unit is the highest aerial platform in the world with ladders providing an outreach of 31.5 meters. The transportation length of FL60XR is under 12 meters, so it meets general international regulations.
F28ALR - Versatile first response unit

When a rescue mission has been launched, and you don’t fully know what you are up against, the F28ALR is the answer.

RLX aerial platforms
RLX aerial, hydraulic platforms
The RLX, or Rescue Ladder eXtra versatile, range represents the most advanced level of today’s aerial ladder platforms. Capabilities of the basic rescue cage and ladder can be enhanced with several additional features.
RPX aerial platforms
RPX aerial hydraulic platforms
The RPX range is the cousin of the RLX range, with all the same features but no ladder. The telescopic cage boom and spacious rescue cage facilitate the fire-fighters’ work.
HLA articulated aerial platforms
HLA articulated aerial hydraulic platform
The HLA, or High Level Articulated aerial platform, range represents the ultimate in high-rise rescue and firefighting capability for fire brigades in urban environments. It includes the world’s highest truck-mounted aerial platform with a rescue height of 112 meters.
F 32 TLK telescopic aerial ladder platform
Aerial ladder platform
The F 32 TLK is a compact and easily maneuverable unit for an array of rescue and firefighting missions. This unit challenges conventional ladder vehicles and outperforms them as a significantly more efficient and versatile choice.
Super Extinguishers
Bronto’s Super Extinguishers are true to their name with superior extinguishing capabilities specially designed for industrial fire brigades. They enable efficient and reliable operations with unmatched extinguishing capacity, a large rescue cage and extended reach.
Water and Foam Towers

The WFT range provides ideal solutions for extinguishing targets that are difficult to reach and for cooling tanks under a fire hazard.