Bronto Skylift to show its latest developments in aerial platforms at APEX 2017

Bronto Skylift, the global market leader in aerial platforms, will show its latest technological developments at the APEX 2017 exhibition in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. These include the S70XR truck-mounted hydraulic platform and the new-generation Bronto+ control system that features device-independent communication over WLAN.


The new Bronto Skylift S70XR has been designed with one thing in mind: uptime. With a length of 11.9 metres and a gross vehicle weight of under 32 tonnes, it is designated as a Whole Vehicle Type Approval (WVTA) unit. This enables multilaterial registration in the European Union and means that the unit can be used in each country, driven across the Union and sold from state to state without the need for further inspections. In all, this ensures maximum productivity, improved uptime and better residual values to lower the cost of ownership.

“We were asked to develop a straightforward platform with a working height of 70 metres and one that delivers productivity. The Bronto S70XR is the culmination of this process. Customers who have purchased it have been very impressed with the whole package. It will be the new rental industry standard,” says Ian James, Sales Manager at Bronto Skylift.

The S70XR platform features a maximum outreach of 37 metres and a safe working load of 700 kg. Along with a host of additional options, such as cage winches, camera cages and material handling devices, it is suitable for every application to meet different customer needs.

The unit on show at APEX has been equipped for the needs of the television and film industry and features a rotating camera cage, an extendable cage with a camera pod and a lighting rig.

The new-generation Bronto+ control system

At APEX, Bronto Skylift will also show the new Bronto+ control system that represents the fifth generation of this well-known and proven control system for aerial platforms.

The new Bronto 5+ has control panels with touch screens. The screens are resistive, so they can easily be used with gloves on. The 7-inch display is anti-reflective, sunlight filtered and has automatic LED backlight. The new system interface is easier and quicker to use and contains a lot of information to support the operator in all situations.

A completely new feature with this new-generation control system is device-independent communication over WLAN. It is now possible to access the control system with a mobile device or laptop. This feature is very useful, for example, when combined with the Bronto Wireless Remote Control (optional).