HLA articulated aerial hydraulic platform

Articulated aerial platforms for working heights from 81 to 112 meters

The HLA, or High Level Articulated, range provides superior vertical and horizontal outreach at all heights, fast and safe operations, and an integrated corrosion-resistant waterway. Built on a standard truck chassis, it remains flexible and compact and can reach emergency sites using ordinary roads and streets.

This range includes the highest truck-mounted aerial platform in the world: The F 112 HLA, with a rescue height of 112 meters. The unit is fully stabilized for rescue, with the auto-jacking function, in just 40 seconds. Rescue operations can proceed quickly and smoothly even from a soaring height of 33 floors above ground.

Bronto HLA units offer the best for urban areas and major metropolitan cities. More than 200 HLA units have been delivered around the world to cities like Bangkok, Brasilia, Buenos Aires, Cairo, Moscow, and Taipei, to name a few.

Technical data

 Max. rescue heightMax. working outreachMax. safe working loadMax. up-and- over capacityWater capacityTransportation height, approx.
F 81 HLA81 m30 m500 kg24.0 m3800 l/min3.9 m
F 90 HLA90 m30 m500 kg24.0 m3800 l/min3.9 m
F 104 HLA104 m30 m500 kg25.0 m3800 l/min4.0 m
F 112 HLA112 m32 m500 kg26.0 m3800 l/min4.0 m