Rescue and firefighting professionals must be prepared to act quickly, safely and efficiently even in the most extreme heights. High-rise building emergencies in particular, can present extraordinary challenges to firefighters’ work and safety. These 90+ meter appliances represent an essential part of our core expertise and we manufacture more of these extreme-reach devices than any of our competitors.

Meeting your high expectations

As the leading designer of high-rise aerial platforms, Bronto Skylift is ready to support you also at these soaring heights. 

One could say that we pride ourselves in embodying some hard-working Finnish traits, including a dedicated spirit and a strong tenacious commitment to this challenging product sector. As a result, you can benefit from the most reliable, safe and efficient aerial devices with the best vertical and horizontal outreaches available.

When not saving lives, these features are also widely utilized in other demanding tasks. Our vehicles can be used for numerous applications, from getting the best live TV footage of Formula 1 competitions, to golf tournaments, and even to facilitating the post-flight cleaning of space shuttles.

HLA range for high-rise missions

In general, our fire units are known for their compactness which enhances their maneuverability in tricky and demanding environments. The HLA units are naturally the biggest in the product family, but the transportation length of even the 90-meter unit is still relatively short for greatest convenience.

At the destination, the compact build facilitates operators to quickly be able to get the best access to the target. Due to the latest technological toolset, setting up the equipment will go smoothly and without any special preparations. Even the highest 112-meter unit is up and functional within minutes. The HLA vehicles also enable firefighters to inspect the overall situation and location from a high perspective. This may critically help in planning the next operation or course of actions.

Safety and efficiency

Optimal height-to-weight ratio, superior vertical and horizontal outreaches and a spacious rescue cage provide firefighters with safe and well-equipped working environment. They are able to move close enough to the target and, if necessary, also withdraw quickly away from possible danger.

The rescue cage is equipped with integrated outlets for water, breathing air, hydraulics and electricity. There are also accessories such as a wheelchair or stretcher, which provide additional assistance in the cases of elderly, disabled or injured persons.
The high maximum load safely supports a larger number of people in the rescue cage at the same time.


With us, you can maintain and develop your firefighting and rescue capacity with a long-term perspective. In addition to the high-level of customization and reliable on-time deliveries, we are ready to ensure the availability your fire appliances with comprehensive lifecycle support. Additionally, a variety of training options are available which ensures that both the machines and the operators are ready for efficient and safe action.

Our service offering also includes remote product and operator support, service visits and inspections, modernizations, repairs and spare parts. When buying a new Bronto vehicle, you can trust that its spare parts are available for at least the next 25 years and that you have found your Bronto Service partner in the sky.

Products for High-rise fire

Fire backgroud
HLA articulated aerial platforms
HLA articulated aerial hydraulic platform
The HLA, or High Level Articulated aerial platform, range represents the ultimate in high-rise rescue and firefighting capability for fire brigades in urban environments. It includes the world’s highest truck-mounted aerial platform with a rescue height of 112 meters.