Bronto Skylift S52XDT
Price upon request
Year of construction / Registration date: 

Chassis: 6x2 Volvo
Available upon: By request
Cage floor height (m): 50 m
Working height (m): 52 m
Accidental damages known: None
Operating hours reading off:  11 232
Mileage reading off (km):  141 200 km

Optional equipment: 

Deck railings (height app. 60 mm)
Ladder type step with railings, left/right 1pc
Additional step for OA0201
1 pc aluminium locker with hinged door and light and door switch.
2 pc aluminium lockers with hinged doors below the decking between the rear axle and rear outriggers with lights and door switches.
Plastic mudguards with galvanised brackets for two rear axle
4 groundpads with aluminium brackets mounted under the rear lockers
2 pcs wheel chocks with brackets
Main drive Hatz app. 46 kW mounted on the decking. Fuel feeding from chassis diesel tank. Engine located on the decking.
Electric motor drive for the hydraulics (11 kW / 400 v / 3 phase) with 20 m of connecting cable.
400V 0r 230V/ 16 A between turntable and cage (automatic fuse and failure current protection included); 400 and 230v socket at the turntable, 400 and 230 V socket in the cage. The line can't be used simultaneously.
dia 10 mm hose (200 bar) between turntable and cage with instant couplings
BRONTOCOM intercom telephone between the ground level and the cage
A 6,5 kVA (230 V / 400 V/ 50Hz) hydraulically driven generator with a load sensitive line mounted at the turntable with controls
Working cage 1,05x2,4 (-3,7) x 1,1 hydraulically extendable, made from tubular profile, cage load 600 kg and cage slewing +/- 90 degrees.
Integrated wind speed indicator with strong wind warning
Telecontrol preparedness
Wheel painting / 6 visible sides / 1 both sides
Platform painting with colour other than in painting standard, boxframe and outriggers only
Painting of the chassis frame
Reflective warning stripes
Hydraulic oil arctic 32 for cold climate
Rear steel bumper (underrun protection). Bronto standard underrun protection if not to be supplied with chassis.
CD-ROM manual/1 pc

Warning beacons with discharge lamps on cab roof (2 pcs) yellow
Warning beacons with discharge lamps on the decking at the rear of the vehicle (2 pcs) yellow
Signs to the boom sections, 10 pcs
Reversing lights for the rear wheels
Rear working lights ( 2pcs ) 70W / 24V mounted to the outrigger control locker
Radio loudspeaker and regulator in the working cage and wiring from the cabin
Finger protection railing for extendable cage
Working light 24V / 70W with telescopic arm and two brackets
Turntable proportional controls with a flap seat
Protective covers for hydraulic hoses
Detachable winch base with hooks for windowelement lifting in the working cage, 300 kg.
Changing of joysticks with cage sleewing buttons into the cage control station
Hadley Signal horns on the cabin roof (2 pcs)
Cattle catcher
Inspection and registration for the road traffic
Running in for main drive (Hatz)