Bronto Skylift is the global market leader in truck mounted, hydraulic platforms. We design, manufacture, sell and service appliances for rescue and firefighting as well as for construction work.

Our product range includes approximately 50 models between with a range of 17 to 112 meters working height. The advanced modularity also allows numerous client-specific modifications. During the past 50 years, we have delivered over 6,700 truck mounted platform units to fire brigades and industrial customers throughout all continents in more than 120 countries.

Our headquarters and production plants are situated in Finland. We also have subsidiaries in Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and USA. 


Bronto Skylift truck mounted platforms are designed in Finland

As a partner, Bronto Skylift represents traditional Finnish virtues as honesty, reliability and persistence. You can always trust our promises and count on our company to meet your expectations with quality and services.

The flexible order-to-delivery process of Bronto Skylift enables short lead times and lean customer-focused manufacturing. The product quality is controlled continuously during the manufacturing and verified by our quality supervisors before delivery.

Our ISO 9001 based quality management system covers all our functions from product design to after sales. The implementation of our quality policy is regularly controlled through internal and external audits.


Bronto Skylift is committed to continuously improve its processes and products to reduce the environmental impact of the company’s activities. The high quality of our products means reliable performance, longer service intervals and lower consumption of spare parts – all factors that reduce the environmental impact of the product use. We have had a certified environmental management system based on ISO 14001 since 1999. 

In 2011 we reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 55,000 kg through process improvements. We have succeeded in this through several actions: adopting volatile organic compound (VOC-) free powder painting of sheet metals, reducing the use of propellant-driven aerosol containers, improving waste sorting and minimizing the hazardous waste as well as the energy consumption. Environmental risks are controlled by preparing for environmental emergencies and by conforming to the environmental legislation. We also encourage our interest groups to pay attention to environmental issues.

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