At Bauma 2019, we will present versatile and efficient aerial platforms of three different heights from three product ranges. 


The newest member of the Bronto product family, the S35EM, has more than earned a place on the stand. Since its release in summer 2018, this small but feisty work platform has been very well received by our customers. In addition to its 35m working height, it has a 29m working outreach and 500kg cage load with a standard cage. The unit displayed in Bauma has a brand new 200kg cage winch as well as the extendable cage with a maximum load of 350kg. Other options include a hydraulic generator, electricity in the cage, a multipurpose bracket for material handling in front of the cage and the brand new cage winch with 200kg capacity. The platform is mounted on a Volvo FL 250 hp 4x2 chassis. Read more about the S35EM or download the brochure.

Bronto S35EM work platform



A 70m working height and a 37m outreach, but only a 12m transport length and under 32t in total weight – this is the Bronto Skylift S70XR in brief. These key factors make this platform perfect for a range of work from window cleaning to construction. The platform on display at Bauma is being delivered to a Swedish rental company, Stockholm Höjdliftar (SHL). Options include an extendable cage with 2x220-degree cage rotation and a maximum load of 600kg, a cage winch with 400kg capacity, an element lifting system, B-WRC radio remote control, electricity in the cage, and a generator. The platform is mounted on a Volvo FM 450 HP 8x4 chassis. Read more about the XR range or download the brochure.

Bronto S70XR aerial platform


Over 120 units of 90-metre platforms delivered in 11 countries, involving thousands of man-hours and hundreds of worksites. This trusted platform has stood the test of time in a range of conditions, both hot and cold. The specifications include a 90m working height, 32m outreach, and a typical GVW of 48t. The platform at Bauma will proudly wear the decals of Transgruma, a Spanish-based rental company offering special equipment and services ranging from platforms and cranes to special transportation. This platform also has an extendable cage with a maximum load of 600kg, a cage winch with a capacity of 400kg, remote control for booms, Brontocom for communication between the cage and the ground control station, a Kohler emergency backup system, and round ground pads for better ergonomics. Read more of the HLA range or download the brochure.

Bronto S90HLA aerial platform


You are warmly welcome to our stand fs1203/3! 

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