Allround fire trucks with hydraulic platforms

Fire trucks with countless customization possibilities

The Allrounder concept allows flexible and cost-efficient customization of the fire truck in order to comply with the operational requirements of almost any environment. The vehicle can be effectively used as, for example, front line water tender, light tower, ventilation tower or unmanned extinguishing tower and crane.

Allrounder units have an integrated corrosion-resistant waterway from the ground to the rescue cage and a center post enabling continuous boom rotation. As a water tender, the unit can be equipped with a mid-ship or rear-mounted fire pump with single or multi pressure, and a large water and foam tank.

Interactive control system

  • Visual guidance for aerial operations
  • Fully-proportional controls for all aerial movements
  • Smooth, adjustable and customizable take-offs and slow-downs
  • A visual trouble-shooting system

Technical data 

 Max. rescue heightMax. rescue outreachMax. rescue cage loadWater capacityBoom rotationTransportation height, approx.Typical GVW
F 17 CTL17 m15 m-4000 l/min360° cont.3.3 m16000 kg
F 23 ALR23 m14.5 m325 kg2300 l/min360° cont.3.6 m18000 kg
F 28 ALR28 m15.5 m325 kg2300 l/min360° cont.3.6 m19000 kg