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S35EM for easy access

Finally, the real, rugged Bronto work machine is available in a smaller package. The S35EM is all about the ease of use and increased effortlessness it brings to worksites.

XR access work platforms
XR access work platforms
The XR vehicles represent the latest development of today’s access work platforms. These machines reach higher and further, but are still lighter and more economical. Thus, they provide greater productivity and reliable usability in the most demanding environments.
HLA articulated aerial work platforms
HLA articulated aerial work platforms
The HLA High Level Articulated range represents the ultimate in high rise access. Its optimized height to weight ratio enables maximum vertical and horizontal outreach without impairing the manoeuvrability and drivability of the vehicle.
XDT telescopic work platforms
XDT telescopic aerial work platforms
The XDT eXtra Duty Telescopic range has been widely praised and is popular for its versatile features. Its overall reach, compact design and reliable usability form a solid basis for efficient, productive and safe height missions.
SI insulated work platforms
The SI range provides a safe, reliable and cost-effective way to reach energized overhead power lines. These units allow bare-hand maintenance of live lines as well as any kind of heavy repair due to the high safe working load and the winch capacity.