When a rescue mission has been launched, and you don’t fully know what you are up against, the F28ALR is the answer. This first response unit includes everything you need: a fire truck, an aerial platform and a rescue ladder. It can facilitate a large crew and has vast locker space for equipment. The working height is 28 meters and outreach is over 20 meters – best in its class.

Bronto F28ALR

in a nutshell

  • Working height 28 meters
  • Working outreach over 20 meters
  • Cage load 350 kg, cage dimensions 1,8 x 0,9 m
  • Minimum operating weight 17 t
  • Water spraying capacity 3500 liters per minute
  • Tank volume (water and foam combined) up to 2500 l, can be tailored to local regulations
  • Variable jacking and remote control for outriggers
  • Bronto 5+ control system
  • Bodywork and pump can also be built locally

key benefits

  • Class leading outreach
  • Water system capacity, spray 3500 l/min and big, tailorable tanks
  • Large cage capacity
  • Easy access to the pump even in transp. position
  • Short transportation length

various options, e.g.:

  • Breathing air, electricity and hydraulics in the cage
  • Remote control for boom movements and water monitor
  • Emergency back-up system
  • Detachable winches
  • Stretcher carrier
  • High voltage detector
  • Ultrasonic collision guard

When buying a new Bronto unit, you can trust that its spare parts are available for at least the next 25 years. Our professional customer service and local support centres make sure your platform is always backed-up. Read more of our service and training.





Bronto F28ALR fire fighting

Bronto F28ALR outreach