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Thank you to all of our customers and visitors at Interschutz 2015!

You helped make this happen. Hope we´ll see you again very soon.

- Bronto Skylift team


It has been perfect!

Show goes on everyday like a dream. Everyone is smiling and the sun is shining. Thank you all!


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Bronto Skylift is a global market leader of truck-mounted hydraulic platforms used by municipal fire departments, volunteer fire brigades, civil defense authorities and other equivalent operators. For over 50 years, we have designed and manufactured fire appliances for different varieties of fire brigades and environments throughout the world, reaching all continents in more than 120 countries.

Bronto Skylift has developed a wide range of vehicles for industrial fire brigades. Come and benefit from our unmatched engineering developed from long experience in numerous industrial environments and conditions. We are committed to keeping you equipped with safe and dependable fire appliances built to overcome challenging situations and to help you safeguard properties, people and businesses.

What if a fire breaks out at 100 meters in the sky? What if an access for extinguishing and rescuing is blocked? What if there are numerous people out of reach of standard aerial devices?

Rescue and firefighting professionals must be prepared to act quickly, safely and efficiently even in the most extreme working environments. High-rise building emergencies in particular, can present extraordinary challenges to firefighters’ work and safety.